2021 TrustFire Sales Team Spring Activity

by WenJessica on May 10, 2021

2021 TrustFire Sales Team Spring Activity

On April/2021, TrustFire Technology went to a very beautiful place for sales team activety, DongChong Beach. We play lots of team games on the beach with white and soft sand, enjoy marine activities and delicious seafood.
We were happy for the competition , exciting when playing games, sad for the loss and exhausted after games.


TrustFire realized that the success of your sales team determines the success of your business.
No matter how good your product may be, how close customer service you are, how clever your marketing is, we won't deal a good business if we don't have a better sales team.

Base on this business philosophy, TrustFire arrange two times sales team activities a year, aims to build up team cooperation spirit and help them find their fit in the organization.


1. Team Spirit
What is team spirit? Do you agree a company loses their target performance because lack off teamwork spirit?
Team spirit is a group of people overcome all difficulties together, in order to achieve a common goal with mutual trust, cooperation and support.
Team spirit is people can understand each other's strengths and weakness. Enlarge advantages aims to finish the work always in the best way and let other people learn from it. Overcome shortcomings means everyone should realize what they have to change, and make progress better and better.
TrustFire believe team spirit is the most important skill in nowadays because we are facing the globalization and the question of how to live better. Therefore, we must know how to work together and let the team spirit guide us to success.

2. People In Right Position
How do you think this word? There is no stupid people in your company, but in the wrong position.
One of the management responsibility is how to arrange the right people into the right position. It sounds simply, but not easy.
Know well of everybody's ability not only in office, especially when playing games. We can see the real character when your colleagues enjoy the game. He/she are active or passive? outgoing or shy? has team leader talent or not.
When everybody on the most suitable position, the next step is how to make them work together in harmony.


From 2021, TrustFire is going to renewal and evolution. Not only on product quality, R&D team, especially on sales team.
We appreciate our customer gives the honest suggestion on Facebook or email, and thanks for your always support with sincerely. Thank You!

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