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Do's & Don'ts for Battery Handling

Do follow the terminal signs indicated on the Olight illumination tool to insert accordingly the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals of the battery.

Do replace all used batteries with new batteries of the size and type specified in the operating instructions.

Do use only the charger provided with the TrustFire illumination tool for charging the rechargeable batteries.

Do  have the TrustFire rechargeable batteries fully charged before long time storage, which is recommended to be repeated every 6 months during the storage

Do  have the batteries removed to be kept in a cool and dry place at room temperature.

Do   keep batteries away from children at all times.

•Don't   use any inferior/counterfeit batteries, and for consideration of your safety, TrustFire recommends using the TrustFire illumination tool with TrustFire-brand batteries purchased fromTrustFire or from authorized TrustFire dealers. For TrustFire products without designated batteries, TrustFire recommends the battery vendors introduced above.

•Don't   put loose batteries in your pocket or purse together with any metal objects, as this may short-circuit the battery.

•Don't   store batteries with hazardous or combustible material.

•Don't   use batteries specifically advertised for use in cameras, photography, or other low output devices in the TrustFire illumination tool, which may constitute a safety hazard, including the risk of fire or explosion.

•Don't   try to charge disposable batteries as this may result in rupture and leakage of the batteries.

•Don't   dispose of the battery in a fire, as this may cause the battery to rupture or leak.

•Don't   put out batteries on fire with water but use a fire extinguisher instead.

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