Best EDC Flashlight for the Money the TrustFire Mini X3 - Four lights in One

by TANGJIN on May 15, 2024

BrandTrustFire/Author: Modern DIY Projects

Today we look at the Best EDC Flashlight that I have found from Trustfire. This Mini X3 Flashlight from TrustFire is a slim, compact, lightweight and affordable EDC flashlight that has a lot of features. It has a durable Aluminum body anodized in a variety of color. It is compact and easy to carry in your pocket. It has 4 lights all in one light. You get a Powerful 1050 Lumens Flashlight, a 300 Lumens Floodlight, A laser point and a UV light all in this small package. No matter what situation you find yourself in, this light can help you. It is also small and lightweight enough to use as a Cap Light. I'll show you everything it can do in the video, and it really has a long distance powerful light as you will see. 128 Meters of light coverage from this Flashlight. All for what other lights charge for just a flashlight. Great light for the survivalist or preppers.

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