TrustFire Mini X3 EDC Multi-Function Flashlight with White Light, Floodlight, UV, and Laser is $20 off for a limited time

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Join the Mini X3 Revolution

Don't settle for ordinary flashlights when you can have the extraordinary. TrustFire's Mini X3 is more than a flashlight; it's a symbol of innovation, reliability, and the perfect blend of power and precision.

Elevate your lighting game, tackle everyday challenges with confidence, and be ready for anything with the TrustFire Mini X3. Order yours now and become a part of the Mini X3 revolution - where versatility meets brilliance. Your journey to extraordinary lighting begins here.

The Power of Four Lights in One

1. 1050 Lumens White Light: Illuminate your path with a powerful 1050 lumens of bright, white light. The Mini X3 ensures you never miss a detail, providing crystal-clear visibility in any situation. From camping and hiking to everyday tasks, this flashlight has the perfect balance of brightness and clarity.

2. 4000K Flood Light with CRI 95: Experience true-to-life colors with the 4000K flood light, boasting an impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95. Say goodbye to washed-out, unnatural colors. The Mini X3's warm, natural light brings out the vibrancy in your surroundings, making it ideal for photography, home repairs, and any activity that demands accurate color representation.

3. Strengthened 900mW (365nm) UV Light: Uncover hidden stains, track scorpions, or indulge in unique UV adventures with the Mini X3's strengthened UV light. At 900mW, it provides you with the intensity required for detecting even the most elusive details. This UV light is perfect for forensic analysis, detecting counterfeit currency, or simply adding a new dimension to your exploration.

4. Class 3R Green Laser: Elevate your pointing and signaling game with the Class 3R green laser, adding precision to your everyday tasks. Whether you need to make presentations, signal in the great outdoors, or want to impress your friends with laser effects, the Mini X3's green laser is both safe and functional.

Magnetic Tail for Convenience

The Mini X3 features a magnetic tail, ensuring hands-free convenience in various situations. Attach it to a metal surface, keep it within easy reach, or use it as a versatile tool holder. The magnetic tail adds an extra layer of practicality to an already versatile flashlight.

The Original Intention

The TrustFire Mini X3 was born out of the desire to create the perfect EDC flashlight, one that could seamlessly meet the diverse lighting needs of people in their daily lives. We understand that everyone's requirements are unique, and the Mini X3 was designed to be the answer to those ever-changing lighting needs. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, working on a DIY project, or simply navigating your way through the dark, the Mini X3 is your trusty companion, ready to shine a light on all of life's adventures.

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Bill Zhao
Very good

Lots of useful features in a beautiful and cool host. If there is ever a next version, I would like to see a stronger laser, and no more hold to turn on.

Steven Servedio
Excellent flashlight

Easy to use sturdy build everything you need and nothing you don't

John Clapps
Great Light! Very useful. Would love the manual in PDF

This can relate a few lights in my pack. with a hat it can replace my headlamp also. Love it.
Is there a manual in PDF form? That would make it perfect.


TrustFire Mini X3 EDC Flashlight With white light, flood light, UV and laser

Dale Johnson

I don’t know what’s going on but I haven’t received my flashlight?? Yes, it’s been that long and I haven’t gotten it!!!!??? Not a good review coming. Either refund my money or ship me the product. I will be contacting my credit card company and have them look into issue. Thanks


Because the delivery time of the logistics provider we chose before was indeed very long, we have changed to a better logistics provider, and the delivery time in the future will be faster. And our US overseas warehouse has increased the inventory of Mini X3.

Your product has been signed for receipt on April 1st. We will optimize our logistics and distribution services.