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TR-016 Battery Charger

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  •  Three-stage charging (TC-CC-CV); 

  •  Soft-start function and over-discharged battery activation function;

  •  Perfect protection: Over voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit  protection, anti-reverse-battery protection;

  • Perfect heat dissipation design;

  • Identify input voltage and the rechargeable battery quantity intelligently,adjust the charging current automatically;

  • Two LED indicators display the charging status;

  • Two independent charging slots, can charge two pcs 3.7V 10440 /14500/16340 /17335 17670 /18350/18500 /18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries at one time;

  • Approved RoHS, CE certificates 

  • When fully charged, it stops charging automatically;


TR-016 Battery Charger

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