TrustFire GM07 Tactical Light & Green Laser Combo


Product Details

  • Bright White Light: Maximum 1050 lumens, maximum throw distance 128 meters, ideal for tactical applications.
  • Powerful Green Laser: Highly visible Class IIIa <5mW green laser, wavelength 640-460nm. Supports up, down, left and right adjustment, maintaining 2MOA laser accuracy. Visible even in daylight, able to quickly capture targets, the best choice for police and home defense.
  • Compatible With CR123A Battery: Standard TrustFire16340 USB rechargeable battery, removable and replaceable, and compatible with CR123A batteries (when using a disposable battery with a voltage of 3.2V, the luminous flux is 150 lumens).
  • Widely Compatible & Quick Install: Compatible with Glock and Picatinny size rails. Use the locking rocker arm to quickly install and remove the light, allowing you to switch to any setting at any time.



Max Lumens

1050 lumens

Max Beam Distance

128 meters (420 feet)

Max Runtime

33 hours

Max Beam Intensity

4096 candela


Length: 66mm、Width: 30mm 、Height: 25.4mm

Net Weight

112.9g (Include battery)


Comes standard with TrustFire 16340 750mAh USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is compatible with disposable CR123A batteries.

Impact Resistance

1 meter







White Light Mode

1050 lumens
58 minutes

White Light & Green Laser Mode

1050 lumens
45 minutes

Green Laser Mode

33 hours

Operating Instructions

GM07 Operating Instructions

The two side buttons on the gun light are both valid.

When light is off, quickly click the button on either side to turn on the white light, then quickly click again to turn off the white light; Long press either side of the button for 0.8s to turn on the colored laser. Long press again for 0.8s to turn off the colored laser.

Battery Selection

Standard battery:
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with protection board (Trustfire-16340 IMR battery X series and so on)
Compatible Battery:
Non Rechargeable battery
Use with caution! :
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Warning: The 16340 battery is an industrial battery and is not a safe civilian battery. When the battery is of poor quality or used improperly (short circuit, high temperature, etc.), it may burn or explode and endanger personal and property safety. Use high-quality lithium-ion batteries with protective plates to reduce risks in certain procedures. It is recommended to use Trustfire series batteries.

    1:This product uses a laser light LED, and the emitted light contains laser components (less than 0.45W/0.35). Improper use may cause vision damage or skin burns.
    2:The brightness of this flashlight is extremely powerful. Please do not look directly at illuminate to avoid visual damage.
    3:Intelligent temperature control and low voltage warning.When the flashlight is running in the extreme high mode it will cause lots of hot, so we put intelligent temperature control inside to avoid the high temperature of the outer case to affect the comfort of use. When the built-in chip detects that the temperature is high, it will gradually reduce the working power to avoid rapid overheating of the flashlight. After the temperature drops, it will automatically gradually resume the full power operation of the current gear.
    4:When it is detected that the battery is about to be exhausted, the flashlight will start to flash to indicate that the battery is low. Reminder to charge the battery to avoid damage to the battery// When the battery is low, the light will turn on and off and flash irregularly.
    5:If the O ring of the flashlight is damaged after long time use, please replace the O ring in time to maintain the waterproof performance.
    6:When the flashlight isn’t used for a long time, please take out the battery, pack them and keep them away from the damp environment. (If the battery isn’t used inside the flashlight for a long time, the battery may leak and damage the battery and flashlight).
    7:Please do not disassemble the sealing parts of the lamp, otherwise the warranty will be invalid and the lamp may be damaged.
    8:Please clean the conductive contact surface of the flashlight frequently to ensure the normal operation of flashlight, especially when the flashlight flashes abnormally or can’t light on.

Reasons why the flashlight cannot light up:
   Reason 1: The battery power is low and battery needs to be replaced.
    Solution: Replace the battery (please pay attention to the direction of the positive and negative poles when inserting new batteries, and the positive pole should face the direction of the lamp head)
    Reason 2: The conductive contact surface of the thread or PCB board or other contact surfaces are dirty.
    Solution: Clean the conductive contact surface and contact points with an alcohol swab.

Reasons why the flashlight cannot light up: If the above method is invalid, please contact customer service email: and follow the after-sales service terms for warranty.

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