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Diving Light - 15000LM Bright Diving Flashlight

Trustfire DF90 Dive Light - 15000LM Bright Scuba Diving Flashlight, 70M Underwater Torch for Deep Sea Cave Diving and Underwater Photography


Product Details

  • Up to 15,000 lumens, as bright as day
  • Professional high CRI warm white LED, CRI≥95
  • Professional anti-pressure waterproof structure design, diving protection depth of 70 meters.
  • Supports up to 65W super fast charging and super reverse charging
  • White light, red light, ultraviolet three-color fill light
  • Using 4pcs 21700 3.7V 4800mAh customized rechargeable battery pack.
  • Using the international patent LED with 50000 hours lifetime.



Max Lumens

15000 lumens

Max Beam Distance

168 meters (551 feet)

Max Runtime

22 hours

Max Beam Intensity

7056 candela


Length: 176mm、Width: 63.5mm 、Height: 63.5mm

Net Weight

847.2g (Include battery)


TrustFire-DF90 battery pack,Capacity: 4800mAh; Voltage: 14.8V; Power: 71.04WH

Impact Resistance

1 meter


70 meters underwater





High Mode

15000 lumens
3.5 hours

Middle Mode

1500 lumens
4 hours 50 minutes

Red Light Mode

16 lumens
11 hours

Violet Light Mode

465 lumens
22 hours

Note: 1. The above parameters are only approximate values. The values are obtained by testing in the laboratory environment of the TrustFire-4*21700 4800mAh rechargeable battery pack. The values may vary with the use environment and battery changes

2. In sea water temperature, due to the auxiliary heat dissipation of sea water, the battery life of the highest brightness is about 55 minutes when measured in sea water of 25 degrees. Please use the middle mode when diving for a long time.

Operating Instructions

DF90 Operating Instructions

The neck button is the activation switch and function switching switch.

Under unlocked mode, long press the side switch for 0.5 seconds to turn ON/OFF
In the off state, lightly touch the switch and the battery indicator light will turn on.

Switch working mode
When light is ON, click the side switch to cycle through modes from violet light mode→ red light mode → high mode →middle mode.

Memory mode
When the light is in any working mode, it will automatically memorize the current mode. After it is turned off, it will start working with the current memory mode.

SOS mode
When the light is OFF: long press the switch for 1.5 seconds to enter into SOS mode. Click the switch to return to the working mode.

Electronic click error prevention [Lock/unlock]
    Lock: When the light is off, quickly double-click switch enter into lock mode, after locking, it will flash twice in low light;
    Unlock: When the light is under lock mode, quickly double-click to unlock and enter the working mode.

Type C charging
Unscrew the tail cover, insert the Type-C charging cable interface into the Type-C charging port, the maximum current is 2.5A; the red light on the top shows charging, and the green light shows charging completed.

Type C discharging
Unscrew the tail cover, insert the Type-C charging cable interface into the Type-C interface and connect the other end to a mobile electronic device. It supports a maximum of 65W rapid discharge; during the discharge process, the power indicator light at the button displays the power status of the flashlight. When the indicator light flashes red, reverse charging is completed. Please charge the diving flashlight in time.

Battery indicator light
There is battery indicator light on the side switch. When light is OFF, click the switch, the battery indicator light will turn on, and it will turn off automatically after 2 seconds. Different color shows different remaining battery power.
    Green:Enough battery power(75%~100%)---Rest assured use
    Yellow:Enough battery power(25%~75%)----Normal use
    Red:Low battery power(10%~25%)----Pay attention to the remaining battery
    Red Flash:Running out soon(5%~10%)----Charge now
Note: When the main light is working, the battery indicator will be on for one second every 7 seconds to indicate the current remaining power.

Battery Pack Instruction:
1、TrustFire-DF90 battery pack, Capacity: 4800mAh; Voltage: 14.8V; Power: 71.04WH
2、The battery pack comes with its own protection function
      Over current protection
      Over discharge protection: 10.8V
      Over charge protection: 17V
      Battery high temperature protection, discharge 75℃, charger 50℃
3、TYPE-C charging parameters
      Voltage input range: 5-22V
      Support charging protocol: PD2.0/PD3.0/PPS
      Charger voltage recognition:20V/15V/12V/9V/5V
      Maximum charging power: (Input)--22V/3.5A; (output)--22V/3A
      Minimum charging power:(Input)--5V/2.5A; (output)--5V/2A
4、Battery pack charging indicator instruction:
      Charging: red light
      Full charge: green light
1、The 21700 battery is an industrial battery and is not a safe civilian battery. When the battery is of poor quality or improperly used (short circuit, high temperature, etc.), it may burn, explode, and endanger personal and property safety. Use high-quality lithium-ion batteries with protective plates to reduce risks in certain procedures. Trustfire series battery packs are recommended.
2、Before using the product, be sure to tighten the tail cap of the product to prevent dust or water droplets from entering the interior of the product.

The brightness of this flashlight is extremely powerful. Please don’t look at the light directly to avoid visual damage.

Intelligent temperature control and low voltage warning:
When the flashlight is running in extreme high mode, it will cause lots of heat, so we put intelligent control system to control the temperature in good hand-hold temperature. It will be back to extreme high mode when the temperature is under control. If it is detected that the battery is about to run out, the red indicator light will start to flash, indicating low batter power. The flashlight will slow flash three times per minute to remind the user that the battery needs to be charged, so as not to damage the battery.
Battery Selection

1、As seawater is corrosive, please wash the surface of the flashlight with clean water after use, and the silt in the crevices and wipe off the water.
2、Tighten all the connections of the flashlight before enter the water.
3、If the O ring of the flashlight is damaged after long time use, please replace the O ring in time to maintain the waterproof performance.
4、flashlight isn’t used for a long time, please take out the battery, pack them and keep them away from the damp environment. (If the battery isn’t used inside the flashlight for a long time, the battery may leak and damage the battery and flashlight)
5、Please do not disassemble the sealing parts of the lamp, otherwise the warranty will be invalid and the lamp may be damaged.

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