We Believe in our Products. 
If your Trustfire product has any defect as the result of the materials or workmanship we want to make it right!

Within 30 days of purchase: 
Return the product to the retailer you purchased it from and they will replace or repair it.

Within 3 years of purchase: 
Return the product to Trustfire and we will repair or replace it as long as the light is not working because of factory defects. This does not include obvious user wear or extreme damage.

Lifetime Limited Maintenance: 
Trustfire provides you with lifetime limited maintenance for your flashlight, after the 3 years repair period, any probems with your flashlight, Trustfire can repair and maintain it, repairing fee will be charged on an actual cost basis, no labor cost charged.

*Accessories such as pocket clips, holsters, and charging cables are not under the 3 year warranty. These are accessories given for free with our products. 

Batteries and chargers are currently under a 1 year warranty.