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I am planning to buy Trustfire items, where can i buy it?

If you are located in where we have distributors pls buy from there, if not you could buy from our web-shop as well.

What’s the terms of warranty?

All flashlights we provide 3 years warranty, while battery and charger we provide 1 year warranty.

What type of material is used for your flashlights?

Most of our flashlight made with aluminum alloy with type III hard anodizing for main body.

Normally how is the lifetime of the rechargeable battery?

For the rechargeable battery it could charge 300 cycle times.

Do you have USB battery?

Yes, we have USB battery for example: 14500,18650,26650. while 18650 not only for charge as well as for discharge

Do you batteries has protected board?

Yes, all of our trustfire battery has protected board except IMR batteries

Do you have charger that could charger all kinds of batteries?

Yes. Our most powerful charger TR-020 could charge for all kinds of batteries.

If i order from your web-shop, does it free shipping? And how long should i receive the parcels?

All the orders over $49 for free shipping.before we have different warehouse in different countries,we have to ship all of them from China that may take 15-20days.

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