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Switch button

Great service. Button works great.

DF007 switch button
Ronnie Avendano
Too slow

Not worth, have been almost a month from I ordered

Good quality
Good price

Batteries are fake poor response

Batteries are fake poor response Despite numerous emails asking for replacement

Nice little powerful lamp

... with a minor flaw: If you do not screw the cap lid really tight on to the battery compartment there is no electrical contact and the battery seems to be dead. That almost made me send the lamp back until I realised my mistake. Sorry for not trusting you Trustfire ,-)

Great flashlight

Exactly what I needed for a rechargeable daily use light, bright enough and waterproof as well as easy to charge with the magnetic adapter.

MC12- Is this the ultimate EDC torch?

I don’t use this as a headlamp. It would be great, I think, but that’s not how I use it. I use it freehand or clipped to my vest or shirt pocket or on the magnetic base. I have a Trustfire MC3 I’ve been using for 6 odd months now. I rate that as one of my best torches ever. But it had a couple of niggles that were annoying me…. It’s a little too big and frankly too powerful for the close work I do. I don’t particularly like the switch position. I got used to it quickly- but the MC12 switch position is superior. I drive semi’s night shift- so I constantly am using a torch to illuminate my load, under and around the truck- even in the cab doing paperwork. So, the torch lives in and out of my pocket, every night. I was finding I’m often putting the MC3 in my mouth so I keep 2 hands free. It’s just not comfortable doing that. And so to the MC12. It’s smaller, plenty powerful for everything I need it to do. Because of it’s 90 degree offset layout- I can clip it on whatever I’m wearing and it’s facing forward- no more torch in the mouth! I wish I could find the words to describe the beam output, but I can’t. It shoots it’s beam through concentric prism looking things. It’s like nothing else I’ve used. It has a precise centre point- but not glarey or blinding. It’s not a spot beam and it’s not a really wide flood either. Definitely something in between. Look, it’s extremely clever what they have done and it works extremely well. It’s the perfect beam for this torch, that’s all I can say. I get really good usage from the battery and the colour changing charge led level, under the switch is again, brilliant. The charging cable and magnetic charging are excellent, although some care must be taken not to accidentally dislodge the cable. Lastly, the clip- Wow, so simple, but oh so effective. Hat’s off Trustfire- Excellent Torch!

Electronics design engineer

The cheap plastic bag was damaged with a hole in it, only 2 batteries loose in the bag with a loose plastic battery carrier. I was unsure of the websites description as it suggests that the batteries are packed as a batch of '2 Batteries'. I had ordered 2 X the "2 x batteries batch photo" expecting that to be 4 batteries in total. So contacted customer support for clarification as I thought that I had lost 2 in transit. It transpires that if you click on the box that says 2pcs that does not mean "2 X '2 x Batteries'" that just means you are ordering just 2 batteries, very confusing website and rubish packing, could they at least have put the batteries in the supplied plastic carrier, it appears not.

I NEVER received m'y package.

My small flashlight will not charge.

Please advise how to return the light for an exchange.

T70 Flashlight SET
Scott Grech

I would love to give a review but it has not shown up yet been a while

Good headlamp.

I don't like the small hot spot.

TR-3T6 Flashlight
Arthur Lipner
Smaller and better

I love this one it is smaller and way more powerful than the sst-90!

TR-3T6 Flashlight
Jamie Allen

It's an awesome flashlight and I'm 💯% satisfied thank you very much 😎😎😎😎

Doesn’t work and company won’t refund

I think they are a fraud ripping off another company.

Works great with my lightsaber!

These batteries are hard to come by but so worth it!

MC12 LED Headlamp Flashlight 1000 lumens USB Magnetic Charging

Very nice!

Works great, easy to read digital front and four ports. Excellent!

Superb light

A lamp designed excellently by TrustFire engineers. I like that the autonomy is great and you don't have to worry about charging, the lighting angle is excellent at 180 degrees due to the well thought out lenses and it is very light but useful.

Great Quality & Fantastic Battery

You can rely on MC18 when you work in the garage, in the car, walking on dark paths, even by bike. It is a multifunctional lamp because it has a quality magnetic sole and very durable. It is well built and the magnetic charge is wonderful.Good Job TrustFire

Trustfire MC18 1200 Lumens Led Flashlight Magnetic Rechargeable

TrustFire T11R 1800 Lumen EDC Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Pocket Clip 18650 LED Torch Outdoor Lighting

For its price in my opinion, the best EDC lantern. The quality of performance is excellent! Recommend!

Great product, exceeded my expectations!

Excellent quality. Price. Fast shipping recommended 100%