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We are the official TrustFire products online shop and we only offer you genuine TrustFire flashlights, batteries, chargers at the most affordable prices.
Producing high performance professional flashlights, TRUSTFIRE has proven that top-notch products do not necessarily need to be expensive. Our company founded in 2007, focused in providing cutting edge technology associated with affordable prices and putting together a wide range of flashlights which are designed to fit your every need.
All TrustFire models were built based on the highest standard of quality, durability and ease of use. Built in aircraft aluminum alloy with CNC made anodized metal shell and presenting a hard-anodized finishing, it can last for ages.
The model powerful DF70 (3200 LUMENS) is specifically designed for diving depth up to 70M, and other model E3R(1000 LUMENS) is our new arrival used as everyday carry rechargeable flashlight.

We also provide various kinds of high quality rechargeable and non rechargeable batteries used for flashlights, toys and other electronic product. 18650 2400mah/3000mah/3400mah, USB 18650, 26650 5000mah, 32650 6000mah, 18350 1200mah, 16340 880mah, 14500 900mah, 10440 600mah, lithium-ion 9V 650mAh are our most hot selling ones. If you are looking for a good charger for rechargeable batteries, we would like to recommend you our No.1 selling TR-001 for 18650 batteries, TR-006 for 26650 batteries, TR-018 three slots charger, TR-020 our new model four slots QC3.0 intelligent fast charger, TR-012 six slots charger, and 9V BC01 for 9V lithium ion battery and Ni-MH battery.

With overseas warehouse spread in strategic positions such as US, Europe, Japan, can rapidly deliver quality, good service and excellent products at affordable prices. Don’t waste your time, get the best flashlights in the market with great prices and exclusive customer support. Tell us your requirements and we will get you a flashlight!
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