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L1 EDC Flashlight
L1 EDC Flashlight
L1 EDC Flashlight
L1 EDC Flashlight
L1 EDC Flashlight
L1 EDC Flashlight
L1 EDC Flashlight

L1 EDC Flashlight

  • With CA18-3X LED max output 385 lumens powered by 1pcs 10440 battery;
  • Widely compatiable with 1.2V Alkaline AAA, 1.5V Ni-MH AAA and 3.7V/4.2V Li-ion battery;
  • Designed with tailcap switch, soft press to activate momentary on/off ;
  • Low battery indicator reminding you to recharge once less of 10% battery;
  • ​With excellent performance and high reliability, L1 mini EDC flashlight is a great choice for home and outdoor activities.
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MAX. 385 LUMEN: L1 Mini Flashlight has 2 modes with excellent performance and high reliability, it offers up to 385 lumens output ( only for 10440 battery), much brighter than other AAA keychain light.
MODE 1: Press the tailcap switch to activate high mode (default setting). (385 LM / 25 minutes - with 10440 battery, 100 LM / 60 minutes - with NiMH / alkaline AAA battery)
MODE 2: This flashlight has no memory function. Press the tailcap switch again to activate low mode. (2 LM / 48 hours - with 10440 battery or NiMH / Alkaline AAA battery)
WIDE VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY: L1 is fully compatiable with 1.2V AAA Alkaline battery, 1.5V AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery, and 3.7V/4.2V 10440 Li-ion rechargeable battery; Intelligent temperature control; Waterproof - IPX8; Drop test - 1 meter.
Package Included: 1 x TrustFire L1 flashlight, 1 x 10440 battery or 1 x AAA Alkaline battery (optional), 1 x Replacement O-ring, 1 x User Manual.


ON/OFF: Click the tailcap switch to turn on/off flashlight.
L1 only switch in tailcap: soft press the tailcap switch to activate momentary on/off.
L1 without memory function, every time switch on, it will go directly to high mode as default.










Package Included

1 * TrustFire L1 Flashlight
1 * 10440 Rechargeable Battery or 1 x AAA Alkaline Battery (Optional)
1 * Replacement O-ring
1 * User Manual





 ANSI/FSC                                                                Modes
                                 High mode               Low mode
Lumen 10440 battery 385LM                                                           2LM
NiMH/Alkaline battery 100LM
Beam distance 10440 battery 113 meters                                                          2 meters
NiMH/Alkaline battery 39 meters
Runtime 10440 battery 2minutes                                                             48 hours
NiMH/Alkaline battery 60 minutes
Candela 10440 battery 3192cd                                                            1cd
NiMH/Alkaline battery 380.25cd
Drop test 1 meter
Waterproof IPX-8
Additional Function Anti-reverse design, Low-voltage warning, Intelligent temperature control.

Note: Testing done with AAA 1.2V NiMH, 4.2V 10440 lithium-ion battery. All performance claims to ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 Standard.

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L1 Tactical EDC Flashlight


L1 Tactical EDC Flashlight


L1 Tactical EDC Flashlight


The flashlight is just a BOMB! In length of 78 mm. Shorter than a credit card. The clamp is tight, it holds even on a sheet of newspaper, you will not lose it 100%. Waterproof - there are rubber rings on each side (There is 1 spare ring included). Comes with an AAA battery. The battery is mounted in a flashlight, but packed very securely in plastic wrap. Works in 2 modes. 1Turn-bright-off.2Turn-dim-off.In the off state, if easy to press also works in 2 modes (you can simulate the stroboscope mode which is missing in it (VERY CORRECT SOLUTION OF THE DEVELOPERS!)). Summary: given all the above, the flashlight is just SPACE! I recommend both the seller and the manufacturer.


Nice little EDC flashlight. Comes with alkaline AAA.