TrustFire GM23 Rail Mounted Light Flashlight

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TrustFire GM21 Rail Mounted Light Flashlight

TrustFire GM21 Rail Mounted Light Flashlight

TrustFire T11R 1800 Lumen EDC Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Pocket Clip 18650 LED Torch Outdoor Lighting

TrustFire T11R 1800 Lumen EDC Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Pocket Clip 18650 LED Torch Outdoor Lighting

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Product Specification

Manufacturer: TrustFire
Model: GM23
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, Type anodizing
Size: 52*32.3*25.3mm
Max output 800 lumens, lasts 65 minutes
Waterproof: IP64
Weight: 52.7g(1.86oz)
Max. Throw: 90 meters 2025cd
Batteries:Built-in rechargeable battery

Designed with CREE XP-L HI LED, delivers a beam up to 800 lumens with 90 meters of throw, runs 65 minutes.

Easy Operation-two working mode

Mode One:Daily Use Mode

On/Off: Single click either switch for constant on. Single click again to turn the light off.

Mode Two:Tactic Locking Mode

Momentary ON: Press and hold down either switch for momentary on. The light will stay on until the switch is released.

How to change the mode?

Long press any button for 5 seconds and flash five time,then it will enter into another mode

Micro-USB Charging and Battery Indicator
-GM23 built-in lithium polymer battery that you do not need to worry about replacing batteries which can be charged easily by Micro-USB port.

-There is an indicator on the side of the light. It will turn red when battery in low power status,while it turn green when battery is fully charged.

Optical System:GM23 use MVB ultra-thin optical lens producing MAXVISION Beam

Trustfire GM23 made with high technology: use MAX Vision Beam technology and the Lens thickness only 1.5mm,ultra-thin lens,light transmission efficiency is up to 90%

Other brands use TIR LENS and the lens thickness 10mm, ordinary lens,light transmission efficiency is less than 80%

Trustifire GM23 output wide beam angle:170 °, Can Maximize your vision in the dark 

IP64 Waterproof rating


3 Years Warranty from Trustfire. Buy with confidence!

Package including 1x TrustFire GM23 with built-in rechargeable battery
1x 1913 Rail Mount (for 1913 Rail)
1x T6/T8 Socket Head Wrench
1x Micro-USB Cable
User manual x 1


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