Trustfire MC5 Powerful 3300 Lumens Magnetic Rechargeable 21700 High Power 5 Modes EDC Lamp Outdoor Lighting

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MC5 multi-functional magnetic flashlight

The MC5 is a high performance, maneuverable EDC flashlight

Max brightness up to 3300 lumens, max beam range up to 362 meters

Feature: Magnetic charging ,Power indicator ,Magnetic bottom, triple protection

Magnetic suction at the bottom Free your hands

Tail built-in strong magnet, to ensure that the flashlight suction, solid, do not fall off, multi-directional to provide lighting, easy to release hands.

3300LM Conquer the darkness

MC5 adopts the latest generation of internationally patented LED, with a life span of 50,000 hours, defying the darkness and illuminating your way forward.

Magnetic charging, convenient and quick charge

Magnetic charging is very convenient and easy to operate in the dark.

Automatic adsorption

Magnetic charging cable interface, close to the flashlight charging position, you can automatically adsorption in place, and start charging, maximum current 2A.

Red: charging Green: Full charging

IP68 waterproof No fear of wind and rain

The highest level 6 dust-proof, level 8 waterproof, completely prevent dust from entering, underwater 2 meters can be normal use.

One-button operation, flexible and easy to use

Single button independent control, easy to use and comfortable.

Power on/off: long press for 0.5 seconds
Change modes: click (cycle switching)
Memory mode: automatic memory of the current gear
strobe mode: long press for 2 seconds
Lock/unlock: quick double click
Magnetic charging: automatic adsorption

Note: On / off, strobe mode are required in the
non-locked state.

Power indicator at a glance

The neck of the flashlight has a power indicator, when the power is off, touch the switch, the power indicator lights up and automatically goes off after 2 seconds, different colors represent different remaining power, the corresponding relationship is as follows.

Alloy barrel Hard and durable

Made of aviation aluminum material AL6061-T6;
The surface is treated with military-standard three-level hard anodized anti-wear treatment;

Product Features:
★Using the international patents latest generation of LEDs , lifespan of 50,000 hours;
★Neck magnetic charging, with charging indicator and power indicator function, comes with special magnetic charging cable;
★Tail magnetic attraction fixation function;
★Built-in intelligent temperature control system to prevent the flashlight from overheating during use and improve the comfort of use;
★Constant current circuit, constant brightness, gear memory;
★Low-voltage warning, when the remaining power is too low, remind the user to replace it in time;
★Anti-reverse connection design prevents the battery from being installed reversely and causing harm to the circuit;
★Made of aviation aluminum material AL6061-T6;
★The surface is treated with military-standard three-level hard anodized anti-wear treatment;
★Size: 112.5mm (tube length) × 30mm (head diameter);
★Net weight: 60.8g (without battery)

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