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TR-006 Charger
TR-006 Charger
TR-006 Charger
TR-006 Charger
TR-006 Charger
TR-006 Charger
TR-006 Charger
TR-006 Charger

TR-006 Charger


It is a multifunction charger, suit for 16340, 18650, 25500, 26650, 26700 five different kinds of battery;

In a certain voltage, the battery of charger can maintain a constant current and can control itself when the battery is full;

Non-linear super power constant current switch of intelligent charger;

The charger use the way of PWM, which is high voltage, large current-mode and constant current one. People can enjoy a fast and efficient charging battery;

The charger with anti-battery-inversion circuit which ensures the safe of the charger and battery.

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The charger can be used for 3.2V iron phosphate lithium battery and 3.7V lithium ion battery. You only need to exchange the switch to corresponding location.

Function: TrustFire TR-006 Multifunctional Charger:
- Compatible Rechargeable Battery Type: 16340, 18650, 25550, 26650, 26700 Rechargeable Battery
- Rechargeable battery's voltage should not be lower than 2.7V.
- Charging Current:
1. Battery voltage between 2.7-3.4V, current is 850mA - 900mA
2. Battery voltage between 3.5-3.6V, current is 650mA - 700mA
3. Battery voltage between 3.9V-4.1V, current is 500mA - 550mA
- Charging Time: 4h ~ 5h (For Example: 2 pieces of 25500 battery 3000mAh).
- Input Voltage: 110V - 240V, 50 - 60Hz
- Output 1: 3.0V, 1000mAh
- Output 2: 4.2V, 1000mAh

What's In The Box:
- 1 x TR-006 Battery Charger
- 1 x Charger Cable

Model TR-006 multi charger
Rechargeable Battery Type 26650, 25500, 18650, 18500, 18350, 17670, 16340, 15270, 14650, 14500, 10440
Input AC 100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)
Output DC 3,0 ~ 4,2V ~ 1A
Plug Type US , EU ,Australia and UK Plug 
Material Plastic
Dimensions 22 x 12 x 8cm (C x L x A)
Net Weight 192g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Long time

Got what I wanted, but took a long time to get it, close to 6 weeks. Why not do business here in USA, instead of China?

Ideal charger for 26650 batteries

It's an ideal charger for 26650 batteries. I would definitely buy this product again.